About Bike Sharing

Bicycle Sharing combines the simplicity and efficiency of the bicycle itself with new internet-based rental systems. It gives people an alternative for using a car for all trips, as it ads an extra option to public transport. A share bike is a kind of virtual bike, people can get a bike wherever they want within one minute.
The concept of bike sharing is booming. Successful bike-sharing programs increase bike use and decrease car use and pollution. It is a a low-cost manner of transportation, and provide people a way of exercise and stay healthy. Have a look at the different solutions in the world.

Some years ago, Ronald Haverman introduced the Dutch Bike Sharing program 'OV-fiets' which now runs at 250
(railway)stations. OV-fiets uses a combination of staffed and un-staffed rental locations and is a low cost high performance bike sharing scheme.

In 2009 Ronald led a Bike-Share design studio at RMIT University in Melbourne. As part of this studio students ran a  Bike Sharing pilot with 8 rental locations.

between 2010 and 2015 Ronald was director of MyWheels car sharing. MyWheels (Wheels4all) is a not for profit Car Sharing organization  in The Netherlands. Ronald aims to  transfer the bike-sharing success to car sharing by working together and establishing an 'open car-sharing organization'. See My-wheels.  He is still involved in bikesharing as a member of the supervisory board of the Dutch bike-sharing.

More recent info about bike sharing:  commonbike.com and  http://haverman.com en  http://haverman.com/en