Melbourne Share Bike Forum:

After an amazing Common Bike pilot we discussed
the future of Bike sharing in Melbourne.

Common Bike was a three week Public Bicycle pilot initiated by RMIT Industrial Design students.
The Government of Victoria has announced a $5 million tender to spend on a public bicycle system.
RMIT and Lend Lease Docklands hosted the Melbourne Share Bike Forum June 15th 2009, to discuss the outcomes of Common Bike; debate Melbourne’s Bike Sharing needs; and talk about an ideal future system.

The program:
Exhibition of Common Bike pilot and 2020 bike sharing in Melbourne
Common Bike pilot review (Ben Landau - Tutor Share Bike Design studio)
Booming Bike Sharing - An overview and 4th generation issues (Visiting Professor Ronald Haverman -  founder Dutch Share Bike)
Futuremelbourne and the City of Melbourne's Cycling perspective - Stuart Outhred - City of Melbourne Sustainable Transport Plan)
Car and Bike sharing, a good team? Monique Conheady - Chairman and CEO Flexicar
Priorities and Public Bike Systems for Melbourne - Garry Brennan - Bicycle Victoria
Share Bike Systems and Helmet issues -  Elliot Fishman - Institute for Sensible Transport